Alleviate Pain and Muscle Soreness: Deep Tissue Therapy in Turlock, CA

If you seek relief from chronic body pain, visit Altruistic Physical Therapy for a deep tissue therapy in Turlock, CA.

Deep tissue massage therapy uses many of the same techniques and movements similar to Swedish massage. As its name suggests, deep tissue massage uses deeper pressure that helps in releasing chronic muscle tension to alleviate soreness and pain.

On top of pain relief, a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine revealed that a 45- to 60-minute deep tissue therapy massage can help regulate blood pressure levels.

If you’re looking to get a deep tissue massage, you have two options: manual therapy and joint mobilization therapy.

Manual therapy consists of deep tissue massages, biofreeze, manual resistance training, and stretching activities, in order to reach "hard-to-stretch" muscles for more specific muscle fiber tightness areas, instrument-assisted soft tissue massage, and others.

Another technique is joint mobilization therapy. Joint mobilization helps with increasing joint mobility and flexibility. It can go from as light as Grade I mobilizations to Grade V mobilizations. Grade V mobilizations are the quick, short movements that usually create an audible pop in the joint which helps relieve muscle tightness and joint pains in the surrounding tissues.

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