Take a proactive approach to your race recovery in Turlock, CA

Your body is like a fine-tuned machine. In the days leading up to and following a big race, nearly everything you do can affect not only your performance, but also your musculoskeletal health. At Altruistic Physical Therapy, we help athletes prepare for and recover from physically grueling activities with manual therapies designed to prevent injuries, relieve sore muscles, and loosen up your body for your big event.
Our pre- and post-race recovery services can help athletes who participate in:
• Half Marathons
• Full Marathons
• Iron Man
• Spartan Races
• Tough Mudder Races

You face challenges as a runner, and it takes a special kind of strength to push your limits. With our help, you can take steps to prevent injuries common to endurance racers. Our team will focus on stretching and deep tissue massage to help boost your performance and get your body into optimal condition for your race.

Before your event, our program can help you relax and loosen your muscles. During the race, the combination of your preparation and training will help you avoid painful leg cramps that often appear late in the race. Finally, our post-race recovery program can help speed the rebuilding process and more quickly eliminate soreness and other complications that might linger long after your event.

It’s time to take a proactive approach to your race recovery. Note that due to the nature of these treatments, you do not need a prescription to use our in-office recovery services. Set an appointment with us to receive deep tissue therapy in Turlock, CA for relaxation and pain relief. Call (209) 633-3077 today.